Prince Igor – the Rapsody feat. Warren G & Sissel

Prince Igor – the Rapsody feat. Warren G & Sissel

“Prince Igor” is a song from the opera of the same name, composed by Alexander Borodin in the late 19th century. The song is based on the poem “The Song of Igor’s Campaign”, which describes a military campaign led by the medieval Russian prince Igor Svyatoslavich. The song is known for its catchy melody and its use of the choir, which sings the famous “Polovtsian Dances” chorus. The version you are referring to, which features Warren G and Sissel, is a hip hop and R&B reinterpretation of the original opera. It combines the melody and lyrics of the original with modern beats and instrumentation, and features Warren G and Sissel singing and rapping over the instrumental track.


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Track Name : Prince Igor

Version : (Album Version)

Duration : 4:24

Album : “The Symphony of Brotherhood”

Discogs – Single

Wikipedia – Prince Igor


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